Tree Stump Removal

After felling, we cut the stumps off neatly as close to ground level as possible. Some trees, once cut down, can regenerate and grow back from the stump. By fully removing the stump prevents this from occurring.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of removing a stump from the ground using a stump grinder machine, gone are the days of digging out stumps by hand. We can remove stumps in their entirety without digging out the route system which allows for use of the area afterwards.

The result simply turns the stump into small wood chippings and soil without any pulling, ripping or lifting out. Once a tree stump has been removed, the remaining parts of the stump can be used as a mulch if required. With the stump removed the roots remain unattached and should not cause any further issue. Paths, lawns and driveways remain unaffected by the removal.

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